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Task of the FLUKA Discussion Group

With FLUKA being extensively used for numerous applications around CERN this forum intends bringing users together and update them on recent FLUKA developments, benchmarks as well as for what applications. With the aim allowing a better coordination between users, the meetings seek exchanging experiences, motivate people asking questions and communicate FLUKA related issues.

Meetings concentrate on simulations for CERN accelerators or benchmark experiments with focus on radiation protection studies but also accommodating machine protection studies. The group (in form of meetings, an email list and this website) should bring people using FLUKA at CERN together and help in our work in various aspects:

  • have a forum for questions and suggestions among users
  • share work, inputs, tools, experience
  • introduce new users to the code, provide them a forum to meet other users and to facilitate the learning process
  • coordinate simulations
  • inform on code activities and give summary of FLUKA meetings
New Format of the FLUKA User Meetings

In order to better adapt the meeting to the needs of CERN users we have discussed its content and propose the following two main modifications to the format of the meeting:

1) The presentations should become more technical. Rather than presenting the polished final results of a study we encourage everyone to put emphasis of the technical aspects of the calculations, for example, discuss input options, choice of binning and detectors, the use of user-routines, statistical uncertainties, etc. This way your presentation will become more interesting also for those who are not familiar with the particular area of application.

2) We are going to add a continuous "FLUKA lecture" to the meeting. At each meeting, a short (~30mins) lecture will be given on a certain topic. The content will be selected according your needs and interest (possible topics). In this respect these lectures will be extended to so-called 'advanced' subject, in the long term then intended to form the basis of an ' Advanced FLUKA Course'.